Plan & Play! 
Keep your brain active during long meetings while organizing your days. Each week, you have to spot the 7 differences between 2 similar pictures. Also, this year’s agenda has been newly conceived! It is bound in a way that it lies flat when open.

It is printed on smooth paper pleasant to write on and is designed with extra space for personal notes. Like the previous ones, it contains a lot of useful information, such as holidays, world maps, conversion tables, monthly planners, tips for a better year, and a handful of surprises.…

Limited edition (1250), English, 12x19cm, 152 pages printed in black on FSC certified paper, matte cover with flaps printed in brown.

The solutions of the games are online under this link.

Because of Holiday Season, this item will only be shipped on the 04.01.2016, thank you for your patience.


Price: € 21, CHF 27
€ 5 CHF 6 (excl. ship.)

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